Twitter Chat Transcripts

Every week, thousands of people engage in Twitter chats. The information being shared can be invaluable. And best of all, now you don’t have to miss any of it.

Reduce Your Workload

Whether you’re too busy to monitor or create transcripts yourself, or you simply don’t want to hassle with the extra work, we have you covered.

Save Time

There’s no need to cram more work into your already busy schedule when TweetReports can monitor your Twitter Chat for you.

We will actively track your hashtag, then create and send you comprehensive transcripts and reports by email. You don’t have to do anything!

Just imagine how much time you’ll save.

Make More Money

With the time you’ll save, you can focus more energy on growing your business.

And if you’re looking to turn you chat into an income generating business, transcripts and reports can give you tangible assets to help capture sponsorships.

Never Miss another Twitter Chat!

Even if you’re engaged in a chat, you can easily miss important tweets from other conversations happening at the same time. Even worse, your busy schedule may keep you from participating at all.

So if you’re a Twitter Chat moderator, host your own Twitter Chat, manage chats for clients, or just find yourself missing your favorite chat every week, our transcript services is the solution.

Twitter Chats that use TweetReports:
Click on any of the chat names to see latest tweets for their chat.

  • #AgChatOZ
  • #AppChat
  • #BlogPraat
  • #BizBook
  • #cmworld
  • #CollegeBound
  • #ColorChat
  • #custserv
  • #ErgoChat
  • #FedExSmallBiz
  • #GenYChat
  • #GetRealChat
  • #GroundChat
  • #HandMadeChat
  • #InspireChat
  • #IntDesignerChat
  • #InternPro
  • #KaizenBiz
  • #KronosChat
  • #LadderChatter
  • #LandscapeChat
  • #LeadFromWithin
  • #LikeableChat
  • #McDChanging
  • #MMchat
  • #PeopleSkills
  • #SBChat
  • #ScriptChat
  • #SLChat
  • #SMBSpringClean
  • #sobcon
  • #Social4TixSales
  • #SolarChat
  • #SpeakChat
  • #SpiritChat
  • #SportsBiz
  • #SuperChefKids
  • #Teaching2030
  • #ToolsChat
  • #TVWriterChat
  • #USGuys

Chat Transcript Services

Here’s what you’ll receive, every week, with our transcript services.

Weekly Chat Transcripts

  • We will actively monitor your selected Twitter chat hashtag!
  • Create and email you links to your weekly chat transcript;
    • Easy-to-share Twitter chat transcript page
    • Transcript (with no retweets)
    • Chat contributors page (see who are the most engaged users)
  • Email you a PDF of your weekly Twitter chat transcript for you to share and archive.

Weekly Analytics Report

7-Day Aggregated Report includes (view sample);

  • Tracking up to 25,000 Tweets!
  • Sentiment Analysis
    • Positive, Neutral and Negative Tweet Counts
    • Aggregated Sentiment by Day
    • Sentiment Comparison
  • Overall Tweet Activity
    • Total Tweets, Retweets, Replies, Tweets with links
    • 7-day Aggregated bar charts
    • 7-day Comparison line charts
  • Aggregated Hourly Activity Reports
    24-hour activity Bar charts and comparison line charts for each of the following;

    • Hourly Activity (All Tweets)
    • General Hourly Activity (Not Retweets or Replies)
    • Aggregated Hourly Comparison line charts
    • Retweet Hourly Activity
    • Hourly @ Reply Activity
  • Hourly Activity Reports, Per Day (up to 7-days)
    • Individual bar charts for each of 7-days showing hourly activity for Tweets, Retweets and @ Replies
  • User Activity
    • Top 10 Most Active Users
    • Top 10 Most Active Users by Retweet!/jeannevb/statuses/90252925342982144!/LaVonneEllis/statuses/59791042853093376

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Tell us the Twitter #hashtag you want monitored, day of week and time of your chat — and we’ll do all the work for you!

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