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To Effectively Monitor Your Brand

Success in social media communications requires two key elements: speed and action. Organizations that effectively utilize social media intelligence to build on positive buzz about their brand or quickly respond to an emerging crisis will rise to the top, while those that ignore the influence of online voices will risk losing out on valuable opportunities and, in some cases, suffer irreparable damage. We’ve packed TweetReports with powerful (but easy-to-use) features to help you track and monitor your brand on Twitter.

No Twitter Search Restrictions

Unlimited Searches

Mark Twain used to say that it’s an unoriginal person that only uses one word when they can use fourteen, and we couldn’t agree more. Search all you want.

Search Twitter Archive

Search When Twitter Is Down

With access to our massive database, you can conceivably get hundreds of thousands of results and continue your intelligence gathering even when Twitter is offline.
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Search Within Followers

Search Within Followers, Updates, and Twitter Lists

In-network search allows you to securely access, stream and find updates from people you’re following, your updates and Twitter Lists.
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I’ve been amazed at the time savings that I’ve had from using When it comes to monitoring your brand or searching for keywords, TR is outstanding.” — Dale P.

Twitter Search Filters

Simple Search Filtering

There’s no need to start a new search because your original search wasn’t quite right. Simply define what you want included or dropped and we’ll deliver the goods.

Advanced Search Options

Advanced Search Options

We took Twitter’s advanced search and goosed it with more options. So when you really need to zero in on content, our advanced search is a nice way to do it.

Save Twitter Searches

Saved Searches

Easily save your search so when you come back, it’ll be waiting for you to click and stream in new results. Instantly upgrade saved searches to tracked keyword too.

TweetReports is the best tool I’ve found to monitor topics and conversations efficiently, so you can get to the “aha” stuff faster.” — Monica R.

Brand monitoring and tracking

Keyword Monitoring & Tracking

You can monitor any word, brand, or phrase and get in-depth results about what is being said, when, how, and by whom — in real-time. Analytics and reporting are only a click away too.

Sentiment Analysis

Track The Buzz Around Your Brand

Sentiment analysis does the heavy lifting by automatically tagging tweets as positive, negative or neutral tone. And you can view all tweets for a particular tone with one click.

More keyword results

Discover Related Topics & Conversations

Data mining, the easy way. Discover what topics are being discussed in conjunction with your search. Start your Twitter search using only one word and we’ll show you related paths to follow.

OMG! TweetReports is an incredible brand monitoring and data mining tool! Not only can you monitor people, you can get an analysis of your followers as well, and who are your evangalists!” — Anita Cohen-Williams

In-depth Tweet Analysis Reports

Keyword Analytics Reports

Graphical analysis and reports for all your tracked words and brand names including; Keyword Tweeted v Retweeted, Daily & Hourly Tweet Count, Retweets Per Day, Sentiment, Most engaged users and more!

Brand Advocate Reports

Track Brand Advocates

Discover who’s talking about your brand and what they’re saying. Company Evangelist reports track brand mentions over time so you can discover and connect with advocates one-on-one.

Follower Analysis Reports

Find Influential Followers

The key to a successful word-of-mouth marketing program is to reach the people who can reach the most people. Follower Analysis has inside scoop on the influential people following you.
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TweetReports turns all the random Twitter punctuation characters I don’t understand into usable, easy, and multiple reports.” — Barry S. Edwards

Receive Analysis reports via email

Reports by Email

Receive Tweet Analysis reports by email. Choose weekly or daily (up to 3x per day) include a BCC (great for social media agencies and consultants) & adjust offsets to your specific timezone!

Email Brand Alerts

Email Brand Alerts

The easiest way to stay tuned-in without having your eyes glued to the screen. Receive alerts based on number of mentions per hour or aggregated results up to three times per day.

Twitter RSS Feeds

RSS Monitoring

This feature has been removed per Twitter’s updated Terms of Service. They no longer allow syndication of content via RSS.

This web app is one of the best monitoring tools I’ve dealt with. It makes finding exactly what you’re looking for a very simple task. 100% recommended.” — Bibiana Nuness

Drop user tweets from search results

One-Click Spam Filtering

Tweets from company employees (or spammers) can skew your results. The solution: Drop them. Your stream gets instantly quieter and results more accurate.
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Bookmark Tweets

Save, Tag and Search Tweets

Bookmarking for Twitter is here! If you want to save a message, just bookmark and tag it. Viola! Everything organized so you can quickly find it later.
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Priority Tweets with Notes!

Prioritize Important Tweets

When you discover actionable tweets, save it with one of three levels of priority and add notes to track your progress. Upgrade or downgrade the priority at any time.
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I’ve found TweetReports to be an invaluable analytics tool.” — Jeff Carroll

Export Twets to HTML, PDF, and Excel (XLS) formats

Export Search Results

Business intelligence requires not only finding information but also documenting the results. The three most popular formats are ready for you to export and archive tweets; HTML, PDF, and Excel .XLS.

earch Archived Tweets

Archived Tweets

Every account includes two free tracked keywords; your company name & Twitter username. And since they’re archived, it’s easy to search within your own updates and receive insightful analytics

Keyword based Twitter Lists

Keyword Based Twitter Lists

More than a Twitter List. Quick Groups gives you the power to monitor groups of people based on the keywords you specify — so you only see the tweets you want to see.

Discover who the most active users for your search

Top Users

Instantly see at a glance who are the most active Twitter users for each search. And with a single click, get a complete list of all contributor’s — even export as PDF & XLS
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Top businesses being talked about

Top Companies

It’s not just about what people say, it’s who they’re saying it about. And we show you the top mentioned companies. Click a name to see what the buzz is about.

Discover information the users deem important

Top Tweeted Links

Identifying top trending stories for every Twitter search keeps you informed of what’s happening now and gives you marketing intelligence into what people care about.

Like Google AdWords for Twitter - We tell you what people are searching for

Top Keyword Searches

Social keyword intelligence. We show you the most popular searches and the keywords people are using for the past 24-hours, past 7-days, and for all time.

We show you the top trending topics

Trending Twitter Topics

More and more often, social media users are breaking and reporting news stories. And as new stories and trends are identified, we list for you.

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More Features Coming

We believe nothing is ever perfect or finished. Which is why we’re continually working to make TweetReports even better for you.