To effectively monitor your brand on Twitter, it’s imperative that you’re able to quickly zero in on the topics and discussions you need to know about. And TweetReports “Filter Results” let’s you do just that.

Search Options to Filter Twitter Results

Options to Quickly Filter Your Twitter Search Results

Filter Results options include;

  • Show or exclude @ replies
  • Show or exclude Retweets
  • Show or exclude results that contain links
  • Show results that include: (Keywords)
  • Drop results that include: (Keywords)
  • Filter by Location
  • Filter by Positive, Negative or Neutral Sentiment

The following how-to video demonstrates how this powerful feature allows you to refine your Twitter search with just a couple clicks. Simply define what information you want included or dropped from your Twitter search results and let our filters do the rest.

How To Filter Search Results
Without Starting A New Search

Note: The above video is out-of-date. Our filter results tool has been upgraded to include more options (as shown in the above image). We’re currently creating a new video to demonstrate the newer features.