One of the main things we do around TweetReports is listen. After all, we’re a brand monitoring service so if there’s one thing we should be able to do, it’s use our ears. And one of the biggest features we’ve heard Twitter users request is the ability to search within their followers — specifically, people they’re following.

We’ve not only heard you, but incorporated that Twitter search feature into TweetReports.

Now, with just a few clicks you can search within your own Twitter Updates, updates by people you’re following, and search within your Twitter Lists. Watch the video to see how our In-Network (search within) feature works.

How To Search Within Twitter Followers
(People You’re Following)

Video transcript

Hi everyone, this is Michael Kristof with TweetReports your advanced Twitter search, brand monitoring service.

Today I want to show you our in-network search feature. This is a feature a lot of people been asking for in which they’re able to search within certain parameters the network — such as their updates, people they’re following, etc., without having to do a broad Twitter search.

I’ve already done a search for the word “social” and we’ve returned 18,091 results. Now if you go to search.twitter you get 1500 results. What happens is when we do a search we get the same 1500 live results but we conduct a search within our search archive which is currently 5 million tweets. Ss we find more tweets matching those criteria, TweetReports will update them into the search results.

This is great because you get to see all updates from everybody matching word social but if I go over here and click the “more options” I can search within “My updates”, “People I’m following” or “My lists”.

I have already logged into my Twitter account via OAuth so I’m securely logged.

Now if I want to search for the word “social”, I can go ahead and do that using My updates”.

Before we do that, what you want to do is go into your TweetReports account; Admin > Edit Profile and enter your Twitter username like I’ve done here for Kristof Creative. That tells TweetReports to start saving and archive all your tweets. This allows you to search within them later.

I’ll go back and click “Apply”. Now I get to see all my personal updates that contains the word “social”. And we have 16 results — the last one was an hour ago.

Let’s say I want to search for the word “social” within people and following. Go ahead to click the “People I’m Following” radio button and click “Apply”. Now I get to see all the updates that contain the keyword “social” from the people I’m following — five minutes ago, six minutes ago from Kris Colvin and right down the line. Now I get to see only the topics I want within the people I’m following.

You can do the same thing with your Twitter lists.

What’s nice about Twitter lists is that you’re organizing groups of people by a topic. The problem is that when monitoring them, you’re going to see all updates from all people on the list — not just for the topic you added them to the list for

Well, In-Network search allows you to remedy that. Now I can go down here and select “social media thinkers” and show me just the tweets that contain the word “social” from these people. Click “Apply” and now I get to see only the tweets contain the word “social” from my lists. And there are 87 results; an hour ago from Matt Collier, right down the list there’s Mashable etc.

Now I get to see topic updates from a Twitter list. Now if you just want to see all updates from a list, just like you’d see on Twitter, you select “My list”, select the list you (we automatically populate the drop-down menu). Delete the search terms – this basically tells TweetReports to show me all updates — not keyword specific — and it will bring in the results. Here are 889 results.

You can do the same thing with “People I’m following”. Go ahead and remove the search term, click “Apply” and now I get to see all tweets from everybody I’m following. And there we are, there are 1858 results. And the great thing about this is I get to see the topics people are most talking about. They’re talking about “social”, “twitter”, “Facebook”, “marketing”, “brandchat”, “business” etc. And if I click on one of these Related Conversations – let’s say “business” — it’s going to show me just the updates from people I’m following that contain the word “business”.

So there you have it – In-Network search. A nice easy way to search within your updates, people I’m following and your Twitter lists.

Thanks a lot for watching and don’t forget you can go ahead and sign up for free account. We also have a nice 14- free trial, no commitment, where you get to try all the bells and whistles.