In the process of building TweetReports, I created a wish list. A list of all the really cool features to be built into our brand monitoring service. Now, having a wish list can be really great but it also comes with a downside — where potential meets frustration.

Young girl wishing for a really great brand monitoring twitter  tool

Because having a wish list is akin to a parent waiting for their child to be born. There’s great anticipation. You can hardly wait for your baby to brought into the world. And while you’re waiting, you’re constantly thinking about all the incredibly things you want for your child’s future. All of them wrapped around the potential of what can be.

And for all the things you might wish for them to become; a football star, a doctor, a ballerina, or an astronaut, they’re nowhere near able to run for a touchdown, heal the sick, dance on their toes, or fly through space. Because those things will all come in time. In the meantime, you have to force yourself to concentrate on the “now”.

And if I were to show you my wish list for TweetReports, you’d understand my frustration of seeing it’s amazing potential (far beyond what we already have planned) yet having to concentrate on the “now”.

So even though our monitoring service has yet to launch, rest assured there are many great things coming (both with the launch and in the future) to help your business with its social media brand monitoring needs.

We’re going to be releasing some demo videos soon so you can have a better understanding of the monitoring features we’re bringing you. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your own thoughts, suggestions and wish list ideas for features and tools you need to help monitor and track your business on Twitter.

Believe me, I’m listening and every one of your suggestions will be added to my list.