Okay, so “Hello World” is the default title for every initial blog post created by every WordPress blog since the beginning of time. But in this case, I think it’s appropriate. But the most interesting thing to me at this point is realizing the phrase, “The devil is in the details” is so true.

Here we are working on putting together features, package, coding, design, usability–all the things are going to creating a killer application. But while we’re concentrating on the so-called “bigger” things, we tend to quickly move through the “smaller” things—like installing a temporary launch page. Then gleaning over whether the RSS feed link actually points to the right location. Oops, my bad (fixed now).

Anyway, we were working into of the wee hours of the night on the features for your new TweetReports.com service. And what I found most challenging is pulling back on the “What if?” reins. Because when you’re creating a new online service, it’s almost impossible to stop thinking up new, really cool ideas and features you know people will love.

The problem with that is if you don’t stop yourself, you’ll never get started. You’ll just end up in an endless loop of creating more, and more, and more features, and never being able to get any of them completed. Essentially, you become the creator of your own scope creep. Ick!

Long story short, I’ve created a really long wish list. But that’s okay, it just means there will be more cool tools for you to play with later.

Which brings me to a really important question.

If there was one specific thing you could do—a feature or option you could add, remove, or change about search.twitter.com what would it be?

Now, don’t over-think it, just quickly write down the first thing that comes to mind and then email it to suggestions [at] tweetreports [dot] com.

Seriously, I really want your input on this. After-all, you’re the one who is going to use it so who better to ask than you!

And as a little “thank you” for the effort, One lucky submitter will receive a free TweetReports T-shirt.

Given that is sort of falls into the “contest” arena, here’s the rules. No age limit. Anyone can enter. By “enter”, I mean you have to email us a suggestion. You can enter as many times as you like but no duplicate suggestions by the same person. Each entry (email) has to have a different suggestion. Winner will be picked at random from all received submissions. Deadline for submissions is when we post an article saying so.

Look forward to hearing from you!