There are two ways to cancel your account:

1. Through TweetReports

  • Log into your TweetReports account
  • On your Member Settings page, click “View Payment History”
  • Click the “Cancel” link displayed under the Product name.

2. Through PayPal

  • Log into PayPal
  • My Account > Overview
  • Look at transaction detail
  • Click on “Details” link
  • Click on “My pre-approved payments”
  • Click on “TweetReports LLC”
  • On Subscription details” page, Click on “Cancel”
  • In the popup, click “Cancel Profile”

IMPORTANT! If you cancel your subscription, you should receive a confirmation email from PayPal. If you don’t get an email, it means your cancellation may not have been processed. Please contact us immediately and we will manually cancel the subscription for you.