TweetReports is not an archive service and does not access nor archive all tweets from Twitter. Our primary focus is real-time search. Only tweets from searches and keywords saved as a “Tracked Search” in user accounts are pulled and held in our temporary archive for analytics and reports. If you’re seeing gaps in time between tweets, it’s because the older tweets are most likely tweets being found from a different search.

As an example; let’s say you want to search for “oranges”. But no one has ever searched for, nor created a Tracked Search for “oranges”. Being that it will be the first time it’s been searched, TweetReports will ping Twitter for real-time tweets that contain the term “oranges”. Once those results are loaded, TweetReports searches it’s internal storage for any other tweets that may contain the term “oranges”.

Now, let’s say, 3 weeks ago, another user created a search, or saved a Tracked Search, for “apples”. Those tweets will be in our internal storage. If, by chance, one of these tweets also contained the term “oranges”, TweetReports will find and display it. You would then see tweets from 3 weeks ago, tweets from right now, but no tweets from between those searches.

If you need a specific hashtag monitored, it needs to be saved as a Tracked Search before the chat occurs. Only Tracked Searches from active subscriptions are monitored