Are there setup or cancellation fees?

There are no hidden setup or “account handing” fees and there’s no charge to cancel your account. But why on Earth you’d even consider taking such drastic measures is beyond me.

How much does it cost?

First and foremost, anyone can search for free at anytime. The current introductory prices for our subscription accounts that include tons of features including analytics and reports are; Individual: $9/month, Small Business: $39/month and Enterprise level accounts...

How do I add more features?

We love feedback. We’re big feedback people. By all means, please let us know what you’d like added or changed to help improve our product. Send your feedback.

How do I add more features without upgrading?

If you need one of the additional advanced features, chances are high that you’ll want others too. Talk to us about our Enterprise level account. We can customize enterprise accounts to meet the needs of our clients, so the best idea is to talk to the enterprise...