Brand Evangelist Reports

Every company (from small to enterprise) has customer’s who absolutely love their products or services. These are the same advocates who evangelize your brand to their friends and family. After all, 67% of Twitter followers said they were more likely to make a purchase from brands they follow. And the easiest way to find out who your brand advocates are is with Company Evangelist.

You’ll discover the people talking the most about your brand and what they’re saying. These are the influencers who are ready and willing to spread the word to others about your products and services. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with them one-on-one so they will continue to be advocates and spread your word.

Company Evangelist Report

Discover the influencers advocating your brand on Twitter

Company evangelist reports include;
  • Their name
  • Their Twitter username
  • Link to their Twitter profile
  • Number of people they’re following
  • Number of people following them
  • Total number of updates
  • Brand Mentions (and link to view them)

To get started, signup for a TweetReports account and add your business name to your account profile. We’ll automatically track who is talking to you, or about your company the most.