Follower Analysis

The secret to effective social media marketing.

The best way to make social word-of-mouth marketing work for you is to reach the people who can reach the most people.

NASA Social Media Manager uses influencers to create high engagement

Follower Analysis gives you the inside scoop on the most influential people following you. These are the gatekeepers who can spread your word far and wide. And Follower Analysis gives you the insights into knowing who, how, and when your choir needs to be engaged — helping make your marketing program a success.


Follower Analysis Report

Sample tweet analysis report for brand monitoring.

Follower analysis includes;
  • Aggregate Daily Activity
  • Aggregate Daily Retweets
  • Aggregate Hourly Activity
  • Aggregate Hourly Retweets
Influential follower’s individually listed by;
  • Most Influential
  • Aggregate Hourly Retweets
  • Most Active
  • Most Active by Retweet
  • Most Discussed Topics
    • User’s cross-referenced by Topic

Follower analysis reports are automatically saved for future access.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Michael Kristof with TweetReports.

Today I want to talk a little bit about using social media, specifically Twitter, as a marketing tool for getting your messages out.

As you know, with email marketing, the three key points you need to nail to get your message read is;

  1. Knowing what day of the week to send your message.
  2. Knowing what time to send your message. and
  3. The subject line — what is the topic of your message.

Those three key elements are also extremely important in Twitter which is why we created a report called Follower Analysis which is going to tell you this information.

Here’s a Follower Analysis report that I ran this morning for my @kristofcreative account.

Follower Analysis looks at your entire list of followers, then puts together aggregated, charted information of your top 25 most influential followers.

In this specific case what we’re looking at are those 25 people who have the most followers. The reason for this is because for your message to be effective, you want to reach those people who can reach the most people. If you can get your message out to them and they retweet it, you’ll have a better chance of having a message spread to a lot more people — and perhaps even go viral.

As I said, I already ran a report this morning and this report was based on 3565 tweets. What it’s telling me is an aggregated daily activity that Tuesday was the most popular day with 752 tweets. It also tells me that Tuesday was the most popular day for retweets with a total of 152.

The cool thing about these charts is that if I click on this chart – the bar – it’s going to show me all 152 of those retweets. You can look at those if you want.

Scroll down a little further and it tells you the hourly activity and the spikes in activity.

For example, eleven o’clock seems to be most popular followed by four o’clock. And a little bit further down it shows hourly retweets. Again, here’s eleven o’clock which has 37 which is pretty high, one at six o’clock with 40, 1:00 AM, interestingly enough, has 42, and eleven o’clock has 46. So now I know that Tuesday’s are probably the best time to be sending messages, and anywhere between 11 o’clock and any of these other high activity times. But since it’s in the middle of the day, l11 o’clock is one time period we can test.

As we look further down, it lists those top 25 people who have the most followers. And a nice benefit of this part of the report is that it allows me to look at the information in a variety of ways.

For example, this is listed people by most influential. If I click on Most Active, it will reorder the list by activity. And this tab will reorder the list by Retweets.

Now, I can also look over here and the report is going to tell me what subjects — what topics people are talking about.

It shows me that “#blogchat” had 212 tweets. There was 207 tweets that included the topic “Twitter”, 157 for “social”. So now I know the best day of the week is Tuesday. The best time to send messages is perhaps eleven o’clock. And it’s showing me who I need to reach and what subject — like an email subject line in email marketing — of what type of information I sent out to hopefully get my messages retweeted.

If I click on Retweets tab and “social” topic I see that Jay has 74,000+ followers. He has 300 tweets for this time period. He had 43 retweets and he also tweeted that topic 42 times. If I want to get more information about exactly what he was saying, I would click on that topic and it would show me those tweets. If I click on the retweets number, it will show me those tweets.

In this instance i would click on “topic” which I already ave open in another tab. It shows me all of Jay’s tweets for that topic “social” and I can go through and read all of those tweets.

I can also look over here in the sidebar, which is really interesting, to see the Top Links or stories he is linking to — which is a really nice, insightful way to find out exactly what topics interest him. We see articles like “Five tools for getting Twitter through email”, “Social media sobriety test”, “How Ford gets more sales through social media”.

So with any one of these followers, I can look at their topics, I can look at their retweets, I can look at their total tweets and I can also organize this and look at this information by topic they are speaking about.

Follower Analysis gives you those three key items that tell you what day is the best option for sending your messages, the best time of the day to send your messages, and the different subjects you should be including in your messages in order for these people to
A) see them,
B) read them, and
C) retweet them.

We also give you three more key features.

  1. Every time you run a report we save it for you. You can go back and look at them at any time.
  2. If you want something physical in your hand you want to look at later, you have the option to print a Summary Report which is about three pages in length and
  3. print a Full Report which is about 92 pages long

You coudl, perhaps, even save it as a PDF.

So there you have it, Follower Analysis. It analyzes your top 25 most influential followers.

It tells you what day of the week, what time of day, and the subject that you should be including in your messages in order to get your messages spread to most people throughout Twitter.

Sign up now for a free 7-day trial.

I hope this was useful to you, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon.