How To Get Started Guide

We understand your time is at a premium so we’d like to help you get the most benefit from your account by offering the following “getting started” tips.

Verify Your Account

After signing up for your account, you should receive an email requesting you to verify your email address. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us.

Whitelist TweetReports

A couple of our most popular features are scheduled e-mail alerts and reports. In order to receive them, you’ll want to make sure e-mails sent to you from TweetReports don’t end up in your spam folder. Additionally, e-mails that are bounced back to our system could cause your account to be deactivated. And nobody wants that to happen.

To help avoid this, please add to your approved/contacts list.

Complete Your Account Profile

  1. Log into your TweetReports account
  2. Click on the “Edit Profile” link
  3. Add profile information
  4. Click “Save Profile”
TweetReports User Profile

TweetReports User Profile

Make sure to add your Company Name (or brand) and Twitter username to your account profile. These are two free keywords we automatically monitor for you. And if you have an Enterprise subscription, we will also track mentions of your website URL.

For best results, enter your company front-facing name — the most common name customer’s use when talking about your company. For example; if your formal company is Microsoft Inc., you’ll have better results if you just use Microsoft.

If your company name is more than one word (such as Cracker Barrel) enter it using quotes “Cracker Barrel”. Using quotes specifies a search for tweets that include the two words together. Otherwise, you may see tweets that include the words “Cracker” and “Barrel” such as, “The monkey ate a cracker from the barrel”.

** Important ** Company Evangelist reports are based on company mentions. If you don’t add your company name to your profile, the reports will have no results.

Save Time With Automated Monitoring & Reporting

TweetReports can save a you a lot of time by simply taking a couple steps to automate the monitoring and reporting process.

Tracked Searches Admin Page

Intuitive keyword tracking interface makes it easy to manage your monitoring settings.

1. Add Keywords For Monitoring

Go to the Tracked Searches page by clicking on the tab with the target icon or by clicking on the “Tracked Searches” title in the sidebar. Click the “+ Add” button to add the keywords, hashtag, or phrases you want monitored. You can also give each Tracked Search a custom name to help manage them. After a keyword is added, it will be automatically added to the sidebar for quick access.

[sws_yellow_box box_size=”550″]*** IMPORTANT *** TweetReports is not an archive service and does not access nor archive every tweet from Twitter. Only tweets from searches and keywords saved as a Tracked Search are pulled and held for transcripts and reporting purposes. Only Tracked Searches from active subscriptions are monitored.[/sws_yellow_box]

2. Schedule Email Alerts and Reports

To receive automated email alerts and reports, simply click on the icon to schedule them. You can also set your specific time zone and add a second BCC email address. See Tracking and Reporting for more information.

That’s it!

Now you can spend less time searching and monitoring and more time building your business.

How-to Videos

To see many of our search and reporting tools in action, keep going through this Product Tour section or check out the following articles in the How-to section of our blog.


We put together a list of the most commonly asked questions here. Lot’s of important information on that page so please take a couple minutes to read. If your question isn’t answered there, or you have a suggestion for new features that will help us build a better monitoring tool for you, please contact us.