Aggregated Results

Understanding the BIG picture.

Monitoring is more than finding individual mentions for keywords and brands. Aggregated search results play an important part in understanding what’s happening in conjunction with your search as well as knowing; what’s being shared, people most engaged, and most mentioned companies.

TweetReports gives you the information you need to know.

Related Conversations

Trying to guess what people are talking about is useless. So instead of searching for every phrase you can possibly think of and still not finding anything useful (or no results at all) let TweetReports related conversation (keywords) tell you what’s being discussed on Twitter.

Simply start your search using only one word. TweetReports will aggregate the date and return real-time related keywords so you can easily drill deeper. Social media intelligence gathering has never been easier.

Related conversations

Stop guessing about what people are talking about. TweetReports tells you.

Top Shared Links

One of our the most popular features, Top Links gives you feedback about what news is being shared most for every search. It’s one of the fastest ways to stay on top of breaking stories, topics of interest, and potential reputation management issues.

Top Shared Links

The hottest shared links for every search

Top Users

Top Users gives you a first-hand look into what Twitter users are the most engaged for each topic. Whether it’s a lengthy discussion among peers or sharing topical knowledge and links, if a user is talking a lot about your search keyword, they’ll be listed here.

Most Active Users

Easily see what users are the most active and engaged for each search

Top Companies

This small sidebar packs a big bang for intelligence gathering. Excellent for competitive research to see what company is mentioned the most for your search — and it may not always be good.

Top Companies

Intelligence gathering just got a whole lot easier.

Entering your company name into your account profile will automatically add your company name to our business directory — making it available to be listed within Top Companies should your business be mentioned. You can also send a tweet to @tweetreports with your company name and #AddMeTR and we’ll manually add your business to the directory.

Trending Topics

If a topic is trending on Twitter, it will be listed here. One click and you’ll get to see what all the hubbub is about.

Trending Twitter Topics

See what topics are trending the hottest from Twitter

Top Searches

Monitoring is more than just listening to what people are talking about. Insights into what they are searching for can be even more advantageous for your business. Think of it as Twitter meets Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. And you get the skinny of the top searches within the last 24-hours, last 7-days, and for all-time.

Top Searches

Insights into what topics people are searching for on Twitter