Tracking and Reporting

All the benefits of brand monitoring,
without the all work.

Pick any word, any phrase, or company brand, and we’ll monitor and track it 24/7 — even when you’re not logged into your account — then give you in-depth reports on what’s being said, when, how, and by whom, in real-time.

A simplified tracking interface makes it easy to add, edit, and delete tracked keywords as well as schedule emailed reports and email brand alerts.

Intuitive Keyword Tracking Interface

Intuitive keyword tracking interface makes it easy to manage your monitoring settings.

Emailed Reports

One of many ways you can monitor your brand without having your eyes glued to the screen. Simply configure the setting to meet you monitoring needs and TweetReports will email Tweet Analysis reports to you. Emailed reports include results for the past 24-hours and the past 7-days up to 25,000 updates

View Full Sample Email Report on one page.

Email Twitter Report


Email Alerts Scheduling Options

  • Frequency: 1, 2, or 3 times per day
  • Choose day of the week (one day, many or all)
  • Include additional person to receive reports via BCC email (nice if sending reports to your clients)
  • Set your local time zone to sync results with your specified location
Schedule Email Report Settings

Receive automated emailed reports based on your criteria.

Email Brand Alerts

Staying on top of brand mentions is even easier with email brand alerts. Configure the setting based on your specific needs and TweetReports will alert you when people are talking about you.

Sample Email Alert

View Full Sample Email Alert on one page

Scheduling options include;

  • Per mention: Set number of mentions per hour that trigger the alert
  • Per Day: Set number of times per day to receive aggregated alerts
  • Choose day of the week (one day, many or all)
Email Brand Alerts

Schedule email reports on a daily or weekly basis.

Email Brand Alerts

For even greater control, choose settings to alert you brand mention