Twitter Analytics by Email

Comprehensive Twitter Analytics Reports by Email

The Smart Way To Track Twitter

You’re smart about social media. You understand how important social media is for your business, your clients’ business, and the impact of knowing what’s being said, by whom, and how often can have in protecting your brand and increasing your bottom line.

You also know how much work it takes to manually monitor what’s being said about your brand and keywords on Twitter. Not anymore!

Our emailed reports service is the quickest and easiest way to monitor brands, keywords, Twitter chats, and even Twitter users.

Inexpensive analytics and reporting for Twitter. No Setup. No Searching. Just the reports you need.

No Setup. No Searching.

Tell us the brand name, keyword, phrase, topic, #hashtag (or even a Twitter username) you want to track on Twitter and we will email you comprehensive reports. It’s that easy.

We Do All The Work. You Take All The Credit.

Completely automated — you don’t have to do anything!

  • Reports delivered directly to you via email.
  • Get reports once a day, once a week, 7-days a week or anything in between — you decide!
  • Reports can also be sent to a secondary email address (Psst. You can have reports emailed directly to your client’s)
  • Easily track mentions about a brand, company, competitors, Twitter chats, etc.
  • Identify key users, influencer’s and brand evangelists.
  • Insights into the most popular time of day and day of week your brand or topic is being talked about.
  • Discover the most popular articles being linked to (currently and over time).
  • Analysis based on up to 25,000 tweets. The longer you track your keyword, the more results you’ll see.
  • Analytics synced to your time-zone.

TweetReports sent me reports based on my metropolitan area and my practice specialties. Within a few days I was able to easily identify people I could help and how I could interact with them and possibly sign them up as clients. The reports were easy to use, understand, and interpret – even for a rookie like me.” — Barry S. Edwards

Report Statistics Include:

7-Day Aggregated Report
  • Tracking up to 25,000 Tweets!
  • Sentiment Analysis
    • Positive, Neutral and Negative Tweet Counts
    • Aggregated Sentiment by Day
    • Sentiment Comparison
  • Overall Tweet Activity
    • Total Tweets, Retweets, Replies, Tweets with links
    • 7-day Aggregated bar charts
    • 7-day Comparison line charts
  • Aggregated Hourly Activity Reports
    24-hour activity Bar charts and comparison line charts for each of the following;

    • Hourly Activity (All Tweets)
    • General Hourly Activity (Not Retweets or Replies)
    • Aggregated Hourly Comparison line charts
    • Retweet Hourly Activity
    • Hourly @ Reply Activity
  • Hourly Activity Reports, Per Day (up to 7-days)
    • Individual bar charts for each of 7-days showing hourly activity for Tweets, Retweets and @ Replies
  • User Activity
    • Top 10 Most Active Users
    • Top 10 Most Active Users by Retweet

Easy-to-Read Reports

Here’s a quick sample of the type of report you’ll receive. Scroll through the box or open full report in a new browser window.

For more information about our email reporting service, please read our Analytics by email FAQ. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Happy Monitoring!